//Travel Accessories for Kids

Travel Accessories for Kids

Having a holiday with kids can be stressful at times and just the thought of being stuck in a confined tin can on wings or long road trip with your bundles of joy can be enough to put some people off traveling with kids till they are teen-agers.

The down-side of waiting till they are older, is you and the kids missing out on so many memories and adventures. Sure, your kids won’t remember everything they see or do, but with photos and reflection, it is amazing what they retain as memories and often bring up on their own when an opportunity arises.

Travel has moulded and educated our 2 young kids in so many positive ways, confidence, patience, over-coming fears, acceptance of other cultures, language and a love for travel, adventure and the unknown. They would have missed all this if we did not overcome our own fears and the imaginary thought of “its hard traveling with kids” Don’t let other people’s points of view put you off travel with kids as it expands their young minds and helps educate them in ways hard to imagine.

Having the right kids travel accessories, some good preparation and several large bottles of wine just in case, you and your kids will have a holiday you will always remember and talk about for years to come. Having the right travel accessories for kids will make your holiday far less stressful.

Best Travel accessories for babies…

It doesn’t matter if you are on a plane, train or on a road trip, babies only need a few things, but plenty of them.

  • Milk
  • Sleep
  • Nappies
  • Wipes and disposable bags
  • Lots of hugs
  • Their own blanket
  • Changes of clothes
  • And a few rattly things to keep them entertained
  • Although we didn’t use one, A dummy can be helpful.

One trick when flying with your baby is to feed them as you are taking off and landing as this equalises the pressure in their ears. It’s surprising how many parents don’t know this, by the screaming of other babies as the plane lifts off or lands.

If on a plane, ask the hostess for hot water if using formulas and change the baby wherever you need to. The rest of the smells on the plane will mask the smell anyway.

Take a bag, just for your baby and always keep it well stocked.

Take advantage of the help from strangers, as most are more than willing to help.

Remember to take the pram, it will be a blessing and can be used to carry small bags.

A baby harness can be helpful as well.

When boarding a plane, take advantage of being able to go to the front of the line, this will give you more time to get organised when boarding.

One last tip, sleep when they sleep, particularly when on a plane.

Best Travel Accessories for Toddlers

Toddlers love to explore and keeping them entertained can be a little more time consuming than with a baby.

Toddlers will need…

  • Milk and water (Not juice due to the sugar and becoming overactive)
  • Toddler food
  • Sleep
  • Nappies
  • Wipes and disposable bags
  • Their own blanket
  • Changes of clothes
  • A dummy can be helpful.

One thing toddlers need is space to explore, once they find their feet, they want to use them. Let them wander up and down the aisles, it will be good for you too to get out of the seat. And give yourself more time when on the ground, you will not be able to rush around as before you had kids.

Don’t rule out electronic devices as a short-term distraction, make sure you download appropriate educational games before you leave and take some headphones with you.

Remember the pram, even if you toddler won’t use it all the time, it is great to carry bags around in.

A toddler equipped bag.

Consider a kids tracking device for peace of mind.

Travel accessories for kids

Traveling with kids is amazing, they are a bit older and want to see and do everything.

What do they need…

Entertainment of any kind!

Let them be independent, let them carry their own bag. (It won’t last long)

You will need…

  • Changes of clothes
  • Water
  • Healthy snack foods and lots of it
  • Electronic equipment with preloaded games and education
  • Headphones
  • A book or 2

Once your kids are a bit older, instead of them just following you around, get them involved with the planning of what they want to do and see, it won’t take long for them to grow in confidence and explore new things.

Get them a paper map and tell them they are the “map master” and have to find where to go. Our kids love this more than having their head looking down at a screen and the education is far better than anything they will learn at school.

They will learn about the potential dangers of travel and the need to be constantly aware of where they are and what’s happening around them. Same as for a toddler, consider a kids tracking device for your peace of mind.

Because of being together on a 24-hour basis, traveling more than anything else helps the family bond only get stronger. So, forget about all the horror stories you hear from parents about traveling with kids and get out there and explore this wonderful planet we have.

Any age is the right age to start traveling!

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