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Kids Travel Accessories Store

Part of having an enjoyable trip with kids is taking the right travel accessories with you. With kids being kids, the biggest issue when travelling with them is, how do you keep them entertained when you have long travel times. Being prepared to keep them entertained should be number one on the list. Babies and toddlers of course, need a bit more preparation and a different kind of travel accessory to that of a child, 2-years and up.

Here is a list of travel accessories that can help make your trip more enjoyable

  • Wipes

    What did we do before wipes were invented? One thing that increases when you travel, is the risk of picking up a bug. Wipes can be proved as one of the cool travel accessories we need in a long journey to eliminate germs. Although not possible to eliminate all germs, wipes at least, are an easy way to keep hands, surfaces and kids-faces clean, and a secret use is adults can even use them under their arms to reduce body-odor when they can’t shower.

  • Water Bottle

    What better way to know your water is safe than in your own water bottle. And, a lot cheaper than buying it. For the kids, look for one with a strap and a clip-down cap to prevent water leaks. Buy a leak-proof water bottle as it essential kids travel accessories that even adults can use.

  • Headphones

    Block out unwanted noise with some headphones. Airplane noise, babies crying, the person next to you snoring, at least with some headphones, you can get a little more peace and quiet. Get your kids their own kids headphones to distract them as long as possible and to keep what-ever they are watching or playing on silent mode.

  • Carry-on baggage

    Kids love to drag along their own bag on wheels, at least for a while anyway. If they are able, let them feel like they are doing their part. Here are a few bags that meet the baggage rules and look good too.

  • Trackable Luggage Tags

    Don’t you love technology? We can now track our lost bags anywhere in the world. With such air travel accessories, you can tell the airline staff exactly where your bag has wandered to.

  • Security Bag Ties

    Tell instantly if your bag has been opened or tampered with. It is a cheap, simple and effective international travel accessories that protect your possessions.

  • Travel Blanket

    Great for kids as a security blanket when travelling or for yourself whenever you need some extra comfort.

  • Flight Toiletries Bag

    Keep all your hygiene items in one place. A clear front is an easy way for airline security staff to see what you are taking on-board without having to open it. Remember not to take sharp instruments or lots of liquid on the plane as carry-on baggage.

  • Door Security Device

    Have you ever stayed in a hotel room with poor security? You never really sleep well. A door security device is the best travel accessories that give you a lot more peace of mind and if it has an alarm included, should be enough to scare away the baddies.

  • Travel Stroller or Pram

    Strollers or prams are almost essential when travelling with kids. They can be used as your personal camel to carry small bags when you are tired and hold all your baby gear. Oh, and let’s not forget the baby. It’s amazing how heavy they become after a while. A stroller is high on the list when travelling with kids.

  • Life Jacket

    Life jackets come in very handy when on a water holiday. Even though you are ever wary when your kids are around water, they do give you some peace of mind.

  • Medical First Aid Kit

    Let’s face it, kids are adventurous and can take skin off when you least expect it. Carrying a medical first aid kit helps you stay prepared when on the road.

  • Kids Toiletry Bag

    A kid’s toiletry bag is essentials when travelling. Throw anything kid related into the bag and you are organised. Items such as toothbrush, face wipes, sanitizer, nappies and a change of clothes or two.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    Kids love watching movies, and listening to songs.Make sure you get some wireless headphones to keep the noise down and for them to hear easily.

  • Tablets and Smart Phones

    Even if you agree or not with kids and technology, tablets and smart phones on a trip must be the exception. They are a fantastic distraction to beat the boredom on a long journey.

  • Diaper Bag Set

    Essential if you are travelling with a baby.

  • Sunglasses

    We as adults wear sunglasses, so why not the kids. Protect your kids from the glare of the sun, grab some cheap sunglasses.

  • GPS Kids Tracker

    Great for peace of mind. As a safety precaution, get a Kids Tracker which links to your phone and know where your kids are at all times.

  • Suntan Lotion

    Never leave home without it. The sun in some countries can be extreme, so protecting you and your kids must be forefront in your mind.