//Essential Kids Travel Gear to Consider When Planning a Holiday with Kids

Essential Kids Travel Gear to Consider When Planning a Holiday with Kids

Planning a holiday can be fun-filled, exciting and even a bit stressful when you have kids. Questions like, what do I need to take, how will they adjust, will they be safe, and I hope they behave. Not only do you have to think of everything to take, you also have to plan your itinerary around their ages, sleep patterns and how to keep them entertained. Just the thought of making sure everything is organized is enough to give you restless sleep.

So, stop googling and check out our comprehensive list of must-have kids travel gear for your little nomads.

Baby Carrier:

A baby carrier or baby harness is the first thing you should consider when travelling with babies and young toddlers. Make sure it’s comfy for both you and your baby and be sure you wear it in before you go to get used to how it works and to build up endurance when carrying your baby for long periods of time.

Pram or Stroller:

Much the same as a baby harness, only more versatile and easier on the back. Make sure it has robust wheels as some roads you may encounter are brutal on poor quality designs. Prams are also great to use to carry your baby bag and other kids travel accessories.

Dedicated Baby Bag:

Say no more, having all your baby gear in one bag makes travel so much easier.

Kids Water Bottle:

No matter what your child age is, a water bottle is a must-have thing in a backpack. Not only does it keep them hydrated, it is also a great way to make sure their drinking water is clean, especially when overseas. Invest in a good quality, leakproof one that seals automatically.

Toddler’s Headphones:

Kids love being in their own world of music and games, especially when they are on flights or at airports. So, throw a nice yet stylish pair of the wireless earphones or headphones and let them enjoy. Make sure to grab air travel accessories that are comfortable for your child.

Kid Backpacks:

Kids love being independent and letting them carry or wheel their own bag is a great way to do so. And, it also helps you at the same time. If It’s a small backpack, let them carry the light stuff like their favorite toy or blanket, snacks, water bottle and small toys or games to keep them entertained.

Kids Travel Beds: 

What could be more convenient than a portable travel bed or cot? Sometimes these on-the-go beds are little heavy and bulky, so invest in some lightweight and easy to carry one. Don’t make your purchase from an image, check for the small details like size, comfort and much more before making a purchase.


Parents, a smartwatch can be a safety guard for your child so, buy the one that has GPS tracker and keep an eye on your child’s where-about. Some kid’s watches also packs feature to receive call from selected numbers inserted in it; you can connect them to your phone to stay updated.


Pillows can be very handy if you are in a car, plane, train or any place your child falls asleep You can also buy pillows that have duel uses such as a pillow when needed and when turned inside out, a stuffed toy.

First Aid Kit:

Kids often need attention from cuts and bruises and hopefully not, fevers while on holidays. Create a small first aid travel kit as your own air travel accessories with all the essentials before leaving. If allowed, make sure you take medicine and pain-killers on the plane for emergencies.


The key to long boring travel on any mode of transport is DISTRACTION! At home we limit our kid’s electronic time, but when away, age appropriate games, music, movies and even downloaded kid’s education activities on a device are a blessing. Don’t rule it out!

So, those were some must-have travel products you should consider when traveling with little ones. Being a parent, I know traveling with kids is much easier and enjoyable when we bring the best kids travel gear with us.

Prepare your list and get ready to enjoy your FAMILY holidays!

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  1. Smith Clinton December 15, 2017 at 10:00 am - Reply

    Amazing blog. I will keep everything you mentioned during our next trip because I have a toddler and a five years old daughter who may demand all these travel Accessories. And, most importantly, I will never forget to keep a first aid kit with me to ensure their safety. Thank you.

  2. Albert Fances December 15, 2017 at 10:00 am - Reply

    Wow, these are really essential items every parent must carry. You are doing a good job. Keep updating us.

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