Kids Travel Accessories

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Whether traveling in your own back yard or to different countries around the world, travel is by far one of the best ways to enhance one’s knowledge and at the same time, develop resilience.


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The kids had never visited a country like Thailand before and had a ball. The culture, the dirt, the variety of transport and the people all make up the stuff of memories. We had just ridden elephants through a small patch of jungle and got dropped off for a leisurely raft ride before heading to lunch. What better way to spend a day in Thailand than floating down a river on a bamboo raft?


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People often avoid travel with kids saying they could not even contemplate siting in a car with them for a 12-hour drive from Brisbane to Sydney let alone stuck on a plane for an 8-hour flight to Asia somewhere. My wife and I jump at the chance to go anywhere with our 2 kids and have done from a very early age. (6-months old and off to Europe)


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Not one to shirk away from the challenge of having a 7 and 6-year old as back seat drivers for 12 long hours in one hit, we hit the road. The car was packed, the seats were loaded with distractions, food, games, books, music, more food and the most essential item of all, the IPad’s. Yes, plural with chargers just in case they went flat.

Travel With Your Kids Safely

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While traveling with your children may be a bit troublesome at times, it definitely is worth the experience. All you need to do is to have the knowledge to travel wisely with your children. You should be able to have the proper equipment such as the harness for younger kids, or games and bags to have your child entertained during the flight.